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Sineglossa: Remember me

This edition of the festival will see the launching of the project The Reminiscences in the Lesser Poland, through which we want to reach out to our audience, offering you an encounter with European theatre and dance in your own town.

Sineglossa: Remember me
Dido, despairing after Aeneas’s departure, exclaims “Remember me!”, before she kills herself. What would have happened if Aeneas, who had decided to sacrifice his private desire for the sake of public duty, have spoken these same words during his wandering that was to separate him forever from his beloved?
Remember Me shows the male and female components of identity, which merge and diffuse, to finally vanish. The fragmented body cannot be attributed to a particular identity. A hermaphrodite emerges, a being that preceded the arrival of Adam and Eve. And the myth becomes the key to the interpretation of the present. The simultaneous co-existence in the same space of actors and audiences, so specific of theatre, makes it possible to experience dreams and illusions there which cannot be digitally recorded. The show, then, asks a fundamental question about the meaning of representation: who are the performers behind the screens? Is what I see real?

DATE: 06.10 (sobota)
PLACE: Wadowickie Centrum Kultury im. M. Wadowity, ul. Teatralna 1, Wadowice

Photo: Federica Papa